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Heat Exchanger Cools Lasers

The Model 727 liquid-to-air, copper fin-and-tube heat exchanger measures approximately 24( x 24( x 2.6( and is capable of dissipating 330W for every one degree C difference between water and air entering the heat exchanger. A lightweight and durable aluminum fan shroud for mounting four fans is also available. Typical applications include closed-loop liquid cooling required in semiconductor manufacturing, processing and test equipment, as well as the cooling of lasers, electronic cabinets, and industrial furnaces and ovens. Tubing and all manifold circuitry are copper which is mechanically bonded to the company's highly heat transfer efficient riffled and corrugated fin, claiming to provide as much as 5% more heat transfer than other flat fin designs. All joints are silver brazed to ensure maximum strength and reliability. The company can also modify standard units and provide custom designed heat exchangers and cooling systems to meet the most stringent customer applications. For more information, contact Dan DeFreitas at THERMATRON ENGINEERING, INC., Methuen, MA. (978) 687-8844.


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