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Heat Exchanger Has 5,000W Capacity

A new water-to-air heat exchanger has been designed for cooling electronic and electrical control cabinets. The WW4000S heat exchanger has a cooling capacity of 5,000W. Housed in an enclosure measuring 19.69"W x 31.50"H x 7.09"D, the heat exchanger is designed for operation in polluted and high temperature environments. The WW4000S employs two high-capacity fans producing 648 cfm of air flow, with an adjustable internal thermostat, factory set at 104°F, controlling the fans. Coupled with a cooling water flow of 3.5 gpm at a temperature of 50°F, the WW4000S produces 5,000W of cooling capacity when the temperature difference between water inlet and ambient is 25°K. Normal operating parameters encompass temperatures as high as 167°F. Water-in and water-out connections have barbed fittings for secure hose connections. Two drain connections are used for condensate removal. Both 115 and 220 Vac versions are available. HAEWA CORP., Norcross, GA. (800) 783-4239.

Company: HAEWA CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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