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Heat Pumps Target Lab And Industrial Apps

Designed for cooling a variety of materials and flat surfaces in laboratory and industrial applications, the MPA series thermoelectric, solid-state air and plate heat pump assemblies provide standard cooling capacities from 20W to greater than 70W. Heating capabilities are rated for greater than 150W. The pumps are offered as an extension of the company’s TechniCOOL line of thermoelectric assemblies. High temperature versions up to 200_C, are also available for soldering and other high-temperature reflow and processing functions. The heat pumps are said to be suitable for hot and cold plate applications, spot cooling, and liquid container temperature control. The company can also provide customized assemblies for user-specified heat pumping and size requirements. Manufactured with aluminum-bonded fin technology,the pumps are controlled by varying input power. For more information and price, call Kathy Salvatore at MELCOR, Trenton, NJ. (609) 393-4178.

Company: MELCOR

Product URL: Click here for more information

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