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Heat-Resistant Photocouplers Meet New Soldering Profiles

The patented double transfer-mold construction method used by the PC4D570NiP (1 Mbit/s) and PC4D100NiP (10 Mbit/s) high-speed dual-channel photocouplers provides improved isolation voltage and higher heat resistance. This is particularly important due to the new higher-temperature soldering profiles required for lead-free soldering. The photocouplers, which come with a lead-free soldering option, provide a small, thin package (eight-pin SOP) in a true surface-mount configuration. Other key features include excellent noise immunity, a high common-mode rejection (CMR) of 10 kV/s minimum, and data-transfer speeds of up to 25 Mbits/s. Available on tape and reel, the 1-Mbit/s PC4D570NiP costs $0.90 each in 5000-unit quantities. The 10-Mbit/s PC4D-100NiP dual-channel photocoupler costs $1.00 each in similar lots.

Sharp Microelectronics
www.sharpsma.com; (360) 834-2500

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