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Heat Sink Keeps Auxiliary Transformers Cool

Forecasting longer transformer life, the ForZair heat sink is designed for auxiliary transformer cooling and is described as being portable and efficient, allowing for higher overloads. The component attaches quickly on a transformer to immediately reduce the temperature of the dielectric cooling oil. Reportedly, it can be transferred easily from one overloaded substation to another. The ForZair coolers employ the company’s mono-aluminum extruded fin-tubes and plate-fin technology. They also enlist Cardinal transformer oil pumps, which feature a glandless design that prevents leaks in demanding applications. To augment cooling on 1 Mva to 60 Mva OA, FA, or FOA transformers, the components come ready for fully self-contained operations. For pricing, call UNIFIN INTERNATIONAL, Ontario, Canada. (888) 451-0310.


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