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Heat Sinks Cool 17 mm x 17 mm BGAs

Designed for cooling 17 mm x 17 mm BGA packages, the ATS-590 and ATS-619 heat sinks maintain component case temperatures at or below the manufacturers’ thermal specifications. The ATS-590 heat sink is made from black anodized, extruded aluminum and includes 10 linear fins to maximize cooling surfaces within the airflow. Measuring 9.5-mm high and 25-mm square, it specifies a thermal resistance of 8.42°C/W at its base in an air velocity of 1 m/s. Mounting is via a pair of spring-loaded, push-pin mounts for opposite corner attachment to the PCB. Also made from black anodized, extruded aluminum, the ATS-619 employs the company's maxiGRIP technology. It features a plastic frame clip that snaps around the chip as well as a stainless steel spring clip that runs through the fin field and fastens to the frame. The component measures 22 mm x 24 mm x 16.25 mm and specifies a thermal resistance 6.11°C/W. Prices for the ATS-590 and ATS-619 start below $7 and $14 each in volume, respectively. ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONS INC., Norwood, MA. (781) 769-2800.


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