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Heat Sinks Cool Xenon Processors In Servers

A line of low-profile heat sinks, the blackDIAMOND series, is designed for passive cooling of Intel Xenon processors in narrow 1U servers. They are fabricated in solid anodized aluminum void of the interfacial thermal resistances found in bonded heat sinks. Various fin pattern designs are available to optimize heat dissipation in enclosures with different amounts of airflow. The heat sinks replace heavier, copper-based fan-sinks that are more expensive and have limited work lives. They measure 30 mm high x 64 mm x 89 mm long for precision mounting on Xenon processors. Other processors that can use the heat sinks are the Intel P4 and AMD Opteron and Athlon 64. Weights range from 144g to 162g. Thermal resistance is as low as 0.28°C/W with an air velocity of 800 ft/min. They come with optional thermal interface materials and are attached with standard mounting clips. ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONS INC., Norwood, MA. (781) 769-2800.


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