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Heat Sinks Give P4s A Cool Shoulder

Keeping Pentium 4 processors running cool, the Tiger CPU coolers consist of extruded aluminum fins that expose a large surface area to incoming airflows. They also employ a high-powered fan, mounted to the top of the heat sink. The heat sinks measure 92 mm x 69 mm x 45 mm and weigh 357g with the 70 mm x 15 mm fan mounted atop. Thermal resistance with thermal interface material applied is specified as 0.41°C/W. Additionally, the fans are available with a sleeve bearing, sleeve/ball bearing, or a dual ball bearing. Prices range from below $4 to $7.50 each depending on cooler model, fan features, thermal interface material, and quantity. JMC PRODUCTS, Austin, TX. (800) 580-6688.


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