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Heat Sinks Tackle Low Air Flow Conditions

A new line of low-profile, high-performance, heat sinks are designed for cooling hot components in low airflow velocity conditions. The blueICE heat sinks measure 4 mm to 7 mm in height, which allows them to be used inside most telecommunications enclosures where space is limited. Their thermal resistance is as low as 1.23°C/W within an air velocity of 600 ft/min. Weight of the heat sinks ranges from 4 to 30 grams. No mechanical hardware is needed to mount the heat sink to a component; a double-sided, thermally conductive, adhesive tape can be used to attach it securely. Prices start at less than $10 each in high volume orders. For more information, contact Norman Quesnel, ADVANCED THERMAL SOLUTIONS, Norwood, MA. (781) 769-2800.


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