Electronic Design

Heatsinks Integrate Fan, Maintain Low Profile

Claiming to be the slimmest such component available, the company’s latest line of integrated fansinks are available in copper and aluminum and consist of a pin-fin heatsink and a fan that is embedded into the heatsink’s pin array. This configuration allegedly allows for the creation of extremely low profile active cooling solutions. The components are available with a minimum overall height of 0.42” to a maximum overall height of 0.63”, making them suitable for use in single-slot PCI Express and ATCA applications. Additionally, they range in footprint from 1.81" x 1.81" to 4.10" x 2.05" and come with a high-reliability bracket fan (6.1 cfm/12V/0.2A). For more details and pricing, call Cool Innovations Inc., Ontario, Canada. (905) 760-1992.
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