Electronic Design

High-Accuracy Differential Pressure Sensor Cuts Costs

Sensirion-aThe SPD500 positive differential pressure sensor can make measurements in the 0- to 500-Pa range, and even detect minute pressure differences of less than 10 Pa. Sensirion’s fully calibrated and temperature-compensated sensor offers a zero-point accuracy of 0.2 Pa. Such accuracy is made possible by integrating the sensor element and signal-conditioning circuitry on a tiny CMOS silicon chip, which enables noise-free and precise amplification and digitization of sensor signals. Use of the company’s CMOSens technology allows for large volume production of the microchips, thus lowering cost. Two versions are available: The SDP500 screws directly to a manifold with O-ring sealing, while the SPD510 alternative is designed for tube connections. Due to its accuracy of 4.5% of the measured value, zero-point stability, and I2C digital output, the sensor particularly suits HVAC applications.


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