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High-Capacity Air Conditioners Cool Down Large Industrial Systems

Twelve new models of air conditioners have been developed with increased distance separating air intake and outlet for industrial applications. The Pro-Ozone air conditioners, in 8,000 and 10,000 BTU models, are said to optimally cool heat loads in the middle and upper levels of the industrial spectrum. The new internal air cycle design, with a maximum distance of 1,200 mm between air intake and outlet, is said to give optimal cooling performance. All units are available with the same dimensions of 59'' x 15.75'' x 11.4'', giving users varying cooling options with a common mounting cutout. Standard features of the air conditioners include thermostat control and three
possible mounting configurations—external, internal and partial internal—resulting from the units' split system chassis construction. The air conditioners come pre-wired and ready for installation. Standard rated operating voltages are 230V and 115V single phase 50/60 Hz, and 400V and 460V three-phase 50/60 Hz. The air conditioners have also passed DIN 3168 condensate test.

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