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High-Contrast Monochrome LCDs Double The Viewing Cone

The SmartFluid LCDs are based on a fluid-materials science breakthrough. These devices double the viewing cone of conventional monochrome LCDs and include both the six and 12 o'clock viewing angles. The SmartFluid technology automatically compensates for temperatures ranging from −20°C to 70°C to provide high-contrast LCDs. They're easy to read in various weather conditions and suit a broad range of applications, including automotive, consumer electronics, medical devices, telecommunications, office equipment, and instrumentation. SmartFluid LCDs are now available in both character and graphic formats in STN- and FSTN-type modules. Pricing begins at $2.95 each with delivery from stock to three weeks lead time.

Emerging Display Technology Corp.
www.edtc.com; (949) 206-0255

TAGS: Automotive
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