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High-Flex-Life Cables Can Be Used In Class 1 Clean Rooms

A new high-flex planar cable product combines non-outgassing materials with non-contaminating interconnects. The cables and assemblies can be used in Class 1 Clean Rooms and in mini-environments under vacuum. This new product is designed to meet the needs of the semiconductor industry and the demands created by today's higher packaging density requirements. The planar cables are designed with specialty materials, including toughened polytetrafluoroethylene, and can operate in mini-environments at low vacuum levels (10-7 Torr and lower). The cables feature: maximum life of over 100 million flex cycles; consistent shielding effectiveness throughout flex; high packaging density; tough outer jackets that withstand harsh environments; and precise signal control (such as impedance and capacitance). W.L. GORE & ASSOCIATES INC., Newark, DE. (800) 445-4673.


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