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High-Q Air Core Inductors Get Squared Away

High-Q Air Core Inductors Get Squared Away

The 1111SQ series high-frequency air core inductors feature Q factors up to 200 at 400 MHz and inductance values from 27 to 47 nH. The inductor series, developed by Coilcraft, contains seven models with footprints down to 2.67 by 2.67 mm. The spring has a square shape that’s been optimized for coplanarity, resulting in a flat top and bottom. The configuration leads to more reliable pick-and-place operation and improved mechanical stability on the printed-circuit board. Solder-coated leads significantly enhance solderability. With current ratings to 5.5 A, the devices are suitable for use as chokes in high-current RF power amplifiers for cellular towers and high-power radar. Tolerances run as tight as 2%, and when combined with inductance values, the inductors can serves as components in Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) applications (e.g., set-top boxes, cable modems).


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