Electronic Design

High-Res Image Sensor Contains Over 4 Million Active Pixels

Built using the latest VLSI technology, the RadEye8 high-resolution x-ray-specific digital imager sensor has an active area measuring 98.4 by 98.6 mm (140 mm diagonal). It consists of a 2048 by 2048 matrix of silicon photodiodes on 48-µm centers. The image is output as differential high-speed video via eight parallel video ports at rates up to 4.5 frames/s in its high-resolution mode. In reduced resolution mode, rates up to 17.4 frames/s can be achieved. All scanning and control functions for the x-ray imager are integrated on-chip and can be driven with a single set of control lines. Power-supply requirements are 5 V at 200 mA maximum. In continuous operating mode, only an external pixel clock is required for operation. The RadEye8 maintains a dynamic range of more than 14 bits (85 dB) and features an average dark current of less than 4000 electrons/s at room temperature. A standard-grade RadEye8 sensor costs $14,880 each with availability from stock to eight weeks.

Rad-icon Imaging Corp.
www.rad-icon.com; (408) 486-0886

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