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High-Stability Resistors Rated For Harsh Environments

The TNPW e3 series of thin-film, flat, chip resistors are optimized for applications that demand high stability and reliability, even under harsh environmental conditions. The resistors offer a load life stability of ≤±0.05% and moisture resistivity of ≤±0.25% after 56 days at 85°C and 85% relative humidity. They are tested at load life 200°C for 1000 hr., showing deviation of ≤±0.25% after this test. With a variety of case sizes available—ranging from 0402 to 2512—the resistors cover the whole range of rated power dissipation.

The devices feature tolerances as low as ±0.1% and TCR values ranging from plusmn;50 ppm/K to as low as plusmn;10 ppm/K. Standard resistance values range from 10 ω to 8.87 Mω. The resistors are suitable for processing on automatic SMD assembly systems and for automatic soldering using wave, reflow, or vapor phase. They are RoHS compliant, and their pure tin plating makes them compatible with lead-free and lead-containing soldering processes.

The TNPW e3 series is available now with six- to eight-week lead times. Prices depend on size, TCR, tolerance, and resistance values. For more information, go to www.vishay.com.

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