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High-Voltage Power Supply Series Measures Less Than 3 in.<sup>3</sup>

The D series is the newest addition to Ultravolt’s standard-product DC-DC high-voltage power supplies. It offers low ripple (less than 0.02% peak to peak), tight line/load regulation, output-current limit protection, low noise, and buffered voltage and current monitoring. The micropower D series is ideal for a range of applications including avalanche photodiodes, electrostatic chucks, gas chromatography, high voltage testing, image intensifiers, micro-channel plates, photomultiplier tubes, scanning electron microscopes, and spectrometers. Output voltages for this new microsize line range from 0 to 6 kV at up to 6 W of output power, with output current from 166 µA to 6 mA. The volume for D Series modules is 2.22 in.3 for 1-4 kV, 1-4 W units or 2.98 in.3 for 1-4 kV, 6 W and 1-6 kV, 1-6 W units. ULTRAVOLT INC., Ronkonkoma, NY. (631) 471-4444.


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