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High-Voltage Switcher Saves Energy for “Always-On” Smart Meters, Home Automation

High-Voltage Switcher Saves Energy for “Always-On” Smart Meters, Home Automation

The UCC28880 switcher integrates a 700-V power MOSFET and high-voltage current to boost energy efficiency of always-on non-isolated power systems with outputs up to 100 mA, such as smart meters, home-automation equipment, and white goods. Quiescent current is less than 100 µA, less than half the power consumption of comparable devices says developer Texas Instruments. By packing the MOSFET, current source, and internal current sensing into a 7-pin, 29.4-mm2 SO package, the device helps minimize overall size of the power supply and eliminates external compensation (reducing component count, too). Thus, it can be used to build converter topologies like buck, buck-boost, and flyback without adding extra semiconductor parts. Current limiting and inductor current runaway protection guard against under-load short-circuit conditions. The circuit, housed in a 7-pin SOIC, also features overtemperature protection with hysteretic restart.


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