High-Voltage Thick-Film Resistors Come In Planar, Radial Designs

High-Voltage Thick-Film Resistors Come In Planar, Radial Designs

The ARC family of non-inductive, high-voltage, thick-film resistors from Arcol is designed for demanding applications such as high-voltage power supplies and medical systems, test and measurement equipment, voltage dividers, and electrostatic and current-limiting devices.

Three different series make up the ARC family. The ARC1 series is a space-saving planar design offering a choice of axial or radial assembly and either conformal or glass coatings. It features resistors with voltage-handling capability of up to 35 kV dc and an operating temperature range of –55 to +175°C. Ohmic values range from 1 kΩ to 30 GΩ, and maximum power reaches 10 W.

The ARC2 and ARC3 series are radial designs with operating temperatures from –55 °C to +225 °C. The ARC2 has a maximum operating voltage of 54 kV dc, and the ARC3 tops out at 96 kV dc. The ARC2 comes in 400 Ω to 30 GΩ versions at up to 17 W, while the ARC3 has values from 2 Ω to 25 GΩ and a maximum available commercial wattage of 105 W. These values are available across a variety of temperature coefficient and tolerance options.


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