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High Volumetric Density Distinguishes 0603-Size Ceramic Capacitors

By implementing 1-µm ultra-thin dielectric films, the GRM18 series of ceramic capacitors can achieve extremely high volumetric capacitance in a 0603 case size (1.60 by 0.80 mm). Available in values ranging from 0.50 to 1000 pF in voltage ratings of 25, 50, 100, and 200 V, the capacitors feature temperature-compensating characteristics of COG, P2H, R2H, S2H, SL, T2H, and U2J.

Their small size in a wide range of values suits them for applications where space is at a premium, such as mobile phones, digital audiovisual equipment, and PCs. The tiny capacitors, which suit flow and reflow soldering, don't contain any lead and feature metal terminations that are highly resistant to migration.

"We've recognized the need for smaller monolithic ceramic capacitors with higher capacitance as electronic equipment continues to become smaller and lighter. The GRM18 series allows designers to achieve high capacitance in applications where space is limited," says Karun Malhotra, capacitor marketing manager for developer Murata Electronics North America.

The company has been mass-producing this product since April and is now developing even smaller high-capacitance case sizes. Samples are available at $0.30 each in paper or plastic embossed tape, as well as reel packaging for automatic placement equipment. Bulk-case packaging also is available. Lead time is stock to eight weeks.

Murata Electronics North America
(770) 436-1300
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