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Hybrid Crystal Resonators Surpass Quartz Crystal Features

Hybrid Crystal Resonators Surpass Quartz Crystal Features

With accuracies of less than ±100 ppm, the XRCGB-M series crystal resonators pair a quartz-crystal element made by Tokyo Denpa with Murata's proprietary package and production technology. As per Murata, these features enable a device smaller and lower in cost than a quartz crystal while maintaining the precision of quartz. At a frequency from 24 MHz to 30 MHz, initial tolerance is ±30 ppm. Other specs include a temperature characteristic of ±40 ppm over a -30ºC to +85ºC range, package size of 2 mm x 1.6 mm x 0.7 mm, and operating frequencies of 24 MHz, 25 MHz, 27 MHz, 27.12  MHz, 30 MHz, 33.86 MHz, 40 MHz, and 48 MHz with additional frequencies under development. Low-volume pricing for the XRCGB-M series is approximately $0.35 per piece. MURATA ELECTRONICS NORTH AMERICA INC., Smyrna, GA. (770) 436-1300.

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