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Hybrid Relay Wears Three Hats

Considered one part solid-state, one part electromechanical, and one part microprocessor, the RHP series hybrid relay is designed to eliminate the drawbacks associated with solid-state and electro-mechanical relays. Once the load is turned on, an electromechanical relay short circuits the triad, keeping the relay closed.
When voltage is removed, the relay opens following the reverse cycle and the switching functions between the triac and the relay are performed by the microprocessor. There is no heat to dissipate and noise is only 35 dB.
Other features of this approach include the ability to switch up to 20A in a DIN-rail enclosure measuring only 17.5 mm wide and a life expectancy of five million operations at full load. The relay will work in all applications with a resistive load up to 20A and on/off cycles of six per minute maximum.


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