Electronic Design

Hyperspectral Camera Eyes Industrial Space

Imec has demonstrated a hyperspectral camera solution based on a system-on-chip image sensor with an integrated hyperspectral sensor. Targeting multiple industrial vision applications, the component proves to be fast and will enable small, cost-efficient cameras. The integrated CMOS compatible hyperspectral sensor consists of a set of spectral filters that are directly post-processed at wafer level on top of a commercially available CMOSIS CMV4000 image sensor, a 4-megapixel sensor with a maximum frame rate of 180 fps. The hyperspectral filter has100 spectral bands between 560 nm and 1,000 nm and filter bandwidth ranges from 3 nm at 560 nm to 20 nm at 1,000 nm, and the transmission efficiency of the filters is around 85%. Typical integration times used in the current prototype setup are between 2 ms and 10 ms under halogen light at an illumination of 450W. This indicates maximal frame rates can be achieved up to 500 fp. IMEC INC., San Jose, CA. (408) 551-4502.

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