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IC Protects CMOS Devices Connected To High-Speed Telecom Lines

New CMOS devices such as T1/E1 transceivers connected to high-speed telecom lines are especially vulnerable to latch-up or destruction from lightning surges and other overvoltages. To help combat this problem, the first has developed the LC04-6 transient-voltage suppression (TVS) IC, designed specifically to protect equipment connected to two high-speed telecom line pairs from strong lightning surges, ESD and other voltage-induced transients.
The TVS array, which protects two tip and ring line pairs, features a low maximum capacitance of 15 picofarads to preserve signal integrity across high-speed lines used in short-haul and long-haul telecom applications. Pricing for the device is $1.85 each/10,000 and samples are available.


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