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IC Zaps Cable Static in LAN-Based Systems

The SR2.8 is said to be the first IC designed specifically to prevent failures from static discharges caused by connecting LAN cables to routers, hubs, bridges and NIC cards. This transient-voltage suppression (TVS) chip, using proprietary technology, is claimed to offer superior protection of sub-5V devices, including an ultra-low capacitance of less than 10 pF and leakage current of less than 1 µA. It also features a low clamping voltage, which according to the company makes it suitable for protection of sensitive Ethernet 10/100 physical devices. The SR2.8 protects high-speed data interfaces from ESD to the IEC 1000-4-2 Level 4 standard. It incorporates four surge-rated, low-capacitance steering diodes and a TVS diode in a single package. Operating at only 2.8V, the SR2.8 array configuration allows the user to simultaneously protect two high-speed data or transmission lines. Its low-inductance construction minimizes voltage overshoot associated with fast rise-time transient events. And its low leakage current and low capacitance enable Ethernet 10/100 LANs to still meet necessary return-loss specifications. The SR2.8 TVS Array costs $0.53 each/10,000 and is available in a SOT-143 package.


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