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Illuminated Tactile Switch Forgoes Solder Mounting

Illuminated Tactile Switch Forgoes Solder Mounting

Homogenous backlighting, strong tactile feel, and clear audible haptic confirmation highlight C&K Components’ new series of illuminated tact switches. A unique chip LED mounting process avoids any soldering during switching manufacturing to remove thermal stresses or moisture absorption. The LED is mounted on the actuator, enabling a constant distance between the LED and the key top surface (in terms of actuator axis) to provide a homogenous backlight. The rugged single-pole, single-throw (SPST) switch combines soft and hard polymers, allowing for customization of tactile response and acoustics. Uniform backlighting is possible in white, blue, pure green, orange, and super red color schemes. The hole-less dome design has a life expectancy of 300,000 cycles. Standard silver-plated versions handle temperatures up to 85°C at 1.0 VA max; gold versions go to +125°C at 0.2 VA max. Both options maintain a maximum voltage of 32 V dc. Applications include automotive, network equipment, telecommunications, medical, and industrial control.


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