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Inclinometer Includes CANopen And RS-232

Inclinometer Includes CANopen And RS-232

Capable of measuring ±90º or 360° angular rotation, the AX06025X series inclinometer features CANopen networking, a RS-232 port, or three voltage outputs for transmitting angular measurement. The inclinometer also supports the SAE J1939 CAN interface under the part numbers AX0602XX. The J1939 inclinometer is fully configurable using the Axiomatic Electronic Assistant programming tool for PCs. All versions of the component carry an IP67 rating with M12x2 or M12x1 five-pin connectors. A mating plug with CAN termination resistor is available. To measure angles, the component relies on a two-axis MEMS sensor that senses acceleration caused by gravity. The output signals from the MEMS sensor are normalized and processed by a microcontroller to receive inclination angles after which the resolved angles can be sent to the CAN bus, RS232 port, or output as three 0 to 5V signals. AXIOMATIC TECHNOLOGIES CORP., Ontario, Canada. (905) 602-9270.
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