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Industrial-Grade Accelerometer Handles 900°F

The Model 600A13 high-temperature, industrial-grade accelerometer from the IMI Sensors Div. of PCB Piezotronics features a temperature rating of 900°F (482°C) at the sensor head. This allows the device to be used to monitor vibration on gas turbines, engines, pulp-and-paper machinery, steel mills, and petrochemical pumps. It is also suitable for applications where elevated surface or ambient temperatures are a concern, preventing the use of standard industrial accelerometers.

The device outputs a standard 100-mV/g (10.2-mV/m/s²) acceleration signal from its charge converter. Consequently, the sensor can be used with conventional-sensor signal conditioners and data-collection equipment. The sensor is an all-hermetic system, offering a frequency range of 2 to 5 kHz. It is installed using an industry-standard 2-pin MIL-type connection. The Model 600A13 incorporates a 10-ft. (3-m) integral hard-line cable and differential charge converter, and includes a fully traceable NIST-amplitude response calibration.


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Visit www.imi-sensors.com.

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