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Infrared Thermometer Reads Without Contact

A new non-contact temperature sensor has been designed to measure temperature in one second and monitor the temperature by holding down the measurement button. The LTM-100 pocket infrared sensor is suited for applications where contact may cause contamination, the operator may be at risk due to high temperature, or when an object is in motion. The structure is waterproof and dustproof to IP67 to allow washing with water or antibacterial resin. This lightweight unit is easy to use and has useful functions such as C°/F° switchable, auto-power off and adjustable emmisivity. In the food industry, the LTM-100 is suited for measuring the surface temperature of food, the temperature of cooking food or fermentation of yeast. The LTM-100 can be used in a variety of industries to measure surface temperature of transported goods, to monitor asphalt paving or to monitor transformer temperature. RKC INSTRUMENT, Southbend, IN. (574) 273-6099.


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