Electronic Design

Inrush Current Limiters Extend Range

TDK has extended its range of the P11 series inrush current limiters (ICL). The P11 series (B57211P) covers a resistance range from 4 to 25 Ω (R25). These types are designed for currents from 2.5A to 5A in the temperature range between 0°C and +25°C. The P13 series (B57213P) with a resistance range from 3 to 5 Ω is designed for higher powers, i.e. for currents of 6A or 7A. Components are available with disk diameters of 13 mm and 14.5 mm with coating. Overall, TDK-EPC now offers ICL types with disk diameters in the range between 8.5 and 26 mm with coating. Pricing is $0.30 each for the P11 and $0.32 each for the P13. TDK-EPC CORP., Iselin, NJ. (800) 888-7729. 

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