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Integrated Cable/Receptacle Cuts Medical Costs

The MediSpec Hybrid Circular MT Cable and Receptacle System developed by Molex Inc. combines optical and electrical signaling in one connector. The end result is reduced cost and simplified installation for medical equipment and devices. The multifunctional connector employs the company’s circular MT optical connector and receptacle technology, thus creating three configurable MT ferrule-compatible ports for a combination of copper or fiber media carrying electrical power, low-speed copper signaling, optical data, or video signals. For the PCB or equipment side, the MediSpec system offers various options of Molex connectors, including optical MT, LC, and SC, along with electrical connectors such as Micro-Fit 3.0, MicroClasp, and various RJ-45 jacks. The connectors/receptacles come in metal and medical-grade polymer connector housings. Fiber counts ranges from 1 to 24 fibers per ferrule.



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