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Intelligent Mouse Enables Multi-Directional Scrolling

With the ScrollPad mouse for PCs, users are able to scroll through documents in multiple directions. The streamlined, two-button mouse has a miniature touch pad embedded between the buttons. When single-tapped, the ScrollPad produces a single step in the requested direction, as enabled in the Windows control panel. When smooth finger movement is detected, the mouse scrolls either up, down, left or right in all capable Windows 95/98/NT, Office 97 and Internet applications. Double tapping selects auto scroll or other function when enabled in the control panel.The mouse offers 400-character/inch resolution and a maximum tracking speed of 200 mm/s. It weighs about 100 grams and has a minimum switch life of 3 million operations. Power consumption is 60 mA maximum. A USB version is available to OEMs.


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