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Interface System Enhances Automotive Battery Sensing

The AS8515 sensor interface system-in-package by ams AG, enables the implementation of a complete automotive battery measurement system when interfaced via SPI to any microcontroller. The unit is a stacked-die package consisting of a signal-processing die with two high-precision ADC channels for current, voltage and temperature measurements, a high-voltage CMOS die providing voltage regulation and a LIN transceiver. The sensor interface is suited for L-ion battery management systems in electric, hybrid/electric and internal combustion engine vehicles. Providing precise and linear 16-bit digital outputs, the device is designed for implementing state of charge monitoring in automotive batteries through measurement of open-circuit voltage and coulomb counting. It also provides accurate and linear conversion of small signals from other devices such as the pressure sensors used in a vehicle’s hydraulic, pneumatic or barometric systems. Two independent 16-bit ADC channels, measure signals from sub- micro volt up to 200 mV, and current across a range from 1 mA to 2000A through a 100 mico Ohm shunt. The AS8515 sensor interface is available for sampling now and is priced at $7.50 each/1,000.
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