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InvenSense Readies Image Stabilization System For Camera Phones

Industry seers predict that camera phones will be the most common image-capture device within a few years. However, even with increasing resolution many consumers are dissatisfied with camera phone image quality, due to blurring caused by natural hand jitter, especially when the jitter is magnified by autofocus and zoom features. InvenSense, Santa Clara, Calif., is tackling that problem with a miniature image stabilization system that the company says includes the world’s smallest dual-axis gyroscope.

As a single-chip silicon device based on MEMS technology, InvenSense’s solution is more than five times smaller than the smallest existing competing devices, which typically use an older piezo-type technology. This small size allows the device to fit into any camera phone. Proprietary wafer-level integration permits the gyroscope to meet the performance requirements for image stabilization applications while adhering to the size and cost restrictions of mobile handset manufacturers.


InvenSense is ramping up production of its dual-axis gyroscopes for shipment with the autumn 2006 models of digital cameras. Samples are available now.


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