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IP 65/67 Sensors Keep Tabs On Liquid Levels

Consisting of a sensing element, electronics and a magnet housed in a small float, the IP 65- and IP 67-rated CSPR sensors can be linked to machine control systems to monitor and maintain liquid levels or provide a programmable series of discrete level action points. The sensors can be installed with little or no impact on product size and reportedly can outperform units using level switches. The sensors provide level measurements up to 250 mm, empty to full, via 0 to 5 Vdc analog and PWM outputs. Users may also customize the float, such as to make bottom-of-tank measurements. Additionally, the sensors can serve as an alternative to resistive float systems in applications such as medical, appliance and automotive products. For more information, call Jesse Russell at MTS SENSORS GROUP, Cary, NC. (800) 457-6620.


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TAGS: Automotive
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