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IPX7-Rated Cradle Connector Stays Waterproof

IPX7-Rated Cradle Connector Stays Waterproof

Yokowo says its new connector prevents the potentially damaging effects of liquid seepage into cradle connectors. The company’s latest male side (cradle) connector, replete with IPX7 rating, features a patent-pending design that reverses the direction of the pogo pins in the housing and incorporates a rubber strip. As a result, it becomes waterproof against liquids that would otherwise penetrate the through the gaps in the typical moving-part construction of pogo pins. Rated currents range from 2 to 10 A, and contact resistance from a minimum of 50 to 100 mΩ (adjustable according to customer requirements). Operating temperature ranges from −45 to +80°C. Voltage is 12 V, and durability measures 20k to 100k. Applications include cradle or docking chargers, cell phones, tablet PCs, laptops, barcode readers, medical devices, and all handhelds such as GPS units.


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