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Ir Emitter Raises Pulse Tempo

Ir Emitter Raises Pulse Tempo

Reportedly pulsing up to 18 times faster than alternative technologies, the PIREPlus infrared emitter can be pulsed as a source of blackbody radiation for near-to-far infrared applications at 180 Hz with 50% modulation depth. The solid state emitter delivers an output of 4 x 10-2 W/cm2 at one inch from the filament and integrates drive electronics. Target apps include industrial and medical gas analysis, environmental monitoring, process control instrumentation, spectroscopy, and plastics sorting. Additionally, the emitter offers enhanced signal-to-noise ratio, is compatible with a wide range of detector technologies, and comes in an industry-standard T0-5 header package. CAL SENSORS INC., Santa Rosa, CA. (707) 545-4181.
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