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Jog Lever Switch Provides Three-Way Tactile Feedback

Flexibility and simplicity are critical when it comes to handhelds. That's the goal of the surface-mount B6J jog lever switch, which delivers confirming tactile feedback in all three directions: scroll up, scroll down, and select. That capability makes push and scroll functions easier. The actuator measures only 2.3 mm thick, enabling high-density component mounting on small handheld devices. The switch has a switching capacity of 10 mA at 5 V dc. Service life lasts 100,000 operations minimum. To ease product assembly, the switch uses automatic insertion and reflow soldering rather than the manual placement and soldering processes typical of standard three-way switches. It suits use in mobile and handheld devices, including CD, DVD, and MP3 players, cellular phones, and PDAs. Other applications include test and measurement equipment, handheld laboratory testers and analyzers, and mobile environmental parameter monitors. The B6J is available now in reels of 1350 for $5670.

Omron Electronics LLC
www.info.omron.com; (800) 55-OMRON

TAGS: Mobile
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