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Laser Nano Sensor Offers Fast Measurements For Silicon Wafers

Fast precision measurements for silicon wafers and semiconductor production is offered with the Laser Nano Sensor (LNS), which uses auto focus principles with resolution as fine as 5 nm at speeds up to 250 kHz to quantify surface roughness of any highly reflective material. It is also suited for precision measurement of glass, lenses, aluminum, stainless steel, or any mirror type finish.
The device features a compact size of 64 mm x 20 mm in diameter and a separate control module. Its lightweight 100g measuring probe allows it to be used in conjunction with various machines and robotics.
Other benefits of the sensor include non-contact measurement with very high accuracy and high measurement speed, as well as a small laser spot size that can measure displacement to just a few nanometers. Call for price.

Company: LASER MEASUREMENT INTERNATIONAL INC. (LMI) - Industrial Sensors Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Robotics
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