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Laser Sensors Go The Distance

For applications requiring a long sensing range, the V18L series laser photoelectric sensors provide operational distances up to 60m and are capable of detecting objects as small as 0.5 mm. Each of the three sensors comes in a package with an 18 mm footprint. The VSE18L through-beam sensor provides a sensing range up to 60m while the VL18L reflex sensor handles distances up to 35m. For short-range duties, the VTE18L proximity sensor offers sensing distances up to either 400 mm or 250 mm. According to the company, the sensors output a bright light spot that provides a precise sensing point, thereby simplifying setup, adjustment, and maintenance. Other reported features include a high switching frequency. For further information and prices, call SICK INC., Minneapolis, MN. (800) 325-7425.

Company: SICK INC

Product URL: Click here for more information

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