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Lead Selenide Detector Sets Sensitivity Benchmark

The MIRA4, a four-color lead selenide (PbSe) sensor, boasts an industry-leading sensitivity of 1.5E10 Jones in the detection of up to four distinct gases in the 1 to 5.5 µm infrared region. Available in a hermetically-sealed, industry-standard T05 package, the sensor suits a variety of applications including industrial and medical gas analysis, auto and aviation emissions analysis, underground applications, and general industrial environmental monitoring. Compared to the use of four individual element detectors, the component promises to reduce sensor cost in a system by as much as 60%. Each of its four detectors measures 1 mm x 1 mm and the cluster fits into a single T05 package with dimensions of 8.2 mm in diameter and 6.3 mm in height. For further information and price, call CAL SENSORS INC., Santa Rosa, CA. (707) 545-4181.


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