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Level Sensor Requires No Power

Designed for use in process control and other applications, the Series 5134 fiber-optic level sensors provide measurements without electrical connectors. Measuring only 0.25" in diameter, the devices have either NPT or straight threaded housings and are constructed of non-contaminating, non-corrosive materials that include Teflon, quartz, Udel and 316L stainless steel. The sensors are designed to function with the company's Series 5135 liquid-level controllers, which consist of a signal amplifier, pulse modulated light source driver circuit, and output transistors. The controllers accept input voltages from 5 to 28 Vdc. Dual output transistors, each rated for 300 mA, provide on-when-wet and/or off-when-wet signals for PLCs or are capable of driving relay coils directly. A single-turn potentiometer on the controller allows users to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor.


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