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Lever Latch Installs Quickly

Said to be designed for fast and economical installation, the company's flush-mounted lever latch comes with its mounting bracket pre-mounted. Installation requires only the lever latch to be in its open position. Once inserted into the mounting opening, all that needs to done is to screw it down in place. Using a special lever and pawl, when the latch is being closed, the actuator lever swings into the recess and is held in place by a detent in the release button. While closing, the pawl extends behind the frame and closes the door. The lever is cleared for operation by pressing the release button and the pawl automatically unlatches the door when the lever is swung. DIRAK INC., Chantilly, VA. (703) 378-7637.

Company: DIRAK INC.

Product URL: Click here for more information

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