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Light Screens Ward Off ESD

Designed to protect personnel as well as sensitive electronic components, the Micro-Screen safety light screens feature ESD-resistant emitters and receivers that eliminate ESD voltages. The emitters and receivers are constructed of an electro-less, nickel-plated housing, a static dissipative lens window, dissipative cables, and stainless steel mounting brackets. Spanning either a 6- or 9-meter range, the systems also incorporate independently operating dual-microprocessor controllers and include a standard secondary switching device (SSD) relay and an emergency-stop input. Separate switches on the controller allow users to select different modes of operation, timing functions, and input/output control. Options include 115 Vac, 230 Vac, or 24 Vdc operation, Nema 13 or IEC IP64 steel cases, IEC IP20 DIN-mountable controllers, three cable options, and DeviceNet software for centralized control monitoring and diagnostics.


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