Electronic Design

Lightweight Adhesive Blows Out Little Gas

A lightweight, thermally-stable silicone adhesive, SCV-2586 provides ultra-low outgassing characteristics, a desirable feature for aerospace, aircraft, electronics, and photonics apps. The adhesive is usable as a bonding, sealing, or potting material and provides radiation resistance, low thermal conductivity, oxidation stability, thermal stability, and reliable ablative characteristics. Reportedly, with a total mass loss of less than 0.10% and a less than 0.01% collected volatile condensable material, it far surpasses industry-standard ASTM E595. Other specs include a specific gravity of 0.74, primed lap shear strength of 175 psi, and a work time of four hours. NUSIL TECHNOLOGY LLC, Carpinteria, CA. (800) 424-9300.


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