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Linear Actuator Includes Integral Position Sensor

The STA11 direct-drive linear actuator allows the mounting of multiple units on 28-mm centers, permitting a 10-actuator assembly less than 12 in. wide. This addition to Copley Controls' ServoTube line features a built-in solid-state position sensor that eliminates the need for an external encoder and simplifies actuator installation while delivering ±12-µm repeatability. The unit's simplicity and ruggedness compared to ball-screw and belt-drive devices ensure millions of operating cycles.

The actuator provides a 14- to 232-mm stroke, with a peak force of 92 N and a velocity of 4.7 m/s. It will accelerate instrumentation-type loads to 25 g. The position sensor develops a 1-V p-p sin/cos output. Long-life, lubrication-free bearings are built into the forcer, which is 26 mm wide and 61 mm high. The thruster is 11 mm in diameter. Rated for 75-V operation, the STA11 is food-safe and meets IP67 washdown specifications. It has the same form factor as conventional pneumatic and electric actuators and conforms to international mechanical standards.

The STA11 is available from stock to four weeks. Contact the company for prices.

Copley Controls Corp.


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