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Linear Image Sensor Made for DWDM Monitors

Two types of linear image sensors have been designed to integrate CMOS-charged amplifiers and InGaAs photodiode arrays with wide dyanamic range into a single housing. The G8052-256D and G8053-512D can be used as optical detection devices in DWDM monitors that utilize gratings. Both the G8052-256D and G8053-512D are designed with ceramic packages to eliminate the need for cooling elements. While both sensors have active areas of 12.8 mm x 0.5 mm, the G8052-256D has a 256-channel pixel array with a 50 µm pitch, while the G8053-512D has a pixel array of 512 channels at a 25 µm pitch. The G8053-512D has typical dark current of 1 pA, while the G8052-256D’s is 2 pA. These linear image sensors achieve peak sensitivity of 0.9 A/W at 1.55 µm. Typical RMS is 180 µVRMS and maximum photo response is ±5%. Each sensor measures 13.8 mm long x 15.1 mm wide x 3.2 mm high. HAMAMATSU CORP., Bridgewater, NJ. (800) 524-0504.


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