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Linear Rail System Seeks Many Markets

Designed for light load applications where minimal frictional drag, long-wear life, and low cost are the primary concerns, the LR series linear rail system finds a home in office and bench top automation, medical analysis, data storage, and general purpose pick-and-place equipment, plus electronic assembly and dispensing systems. The system consists of a center-less ground and burnished stainless-steel shaft mated with a graphite- and PTFE-filled thermoplastic bushing that minimizes the effect of thermal fluctuations. It is available with or without TFE coating and requires no lubrication or maintenance. Standard shaft straightness is 0.05 mm per foot and the typical radial clearance between shaft and bushing is 0.013 mm on non-coated assemblies and 0.025 mm on TFE coated assemblies. KERK MOTION PRODUCTS INC., Hollis, NH. (603) 465-7227.


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