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Linear Sensor Arrays Can Scan Long Documents

The TSL2014 and TSL210 are linear sensor arrays for scanning long documents, such as bank forms, paper currency notes, and labels covered by the A6 format, which has become a standard size. The TSL2014 is an 896 x 1 device measuring 4.4" long (112 mm) for the A6 format, while the TSL is a 640 x 1 device measuring 3.15" long (80 mm). Both arrays operate at a clock rate of 5 MHz and consist of multiple sections of photodiodes, each with its own charge amplifier circuitry running off a common clock. Both arrays also come in a glass epoxy substrate package with a cover glass. The TSL2014 package has ten pins; the TSL210 has 18 pins. Both can be configured in either a serial or parallel mode: serial mode is a contiguous pixel array, while parallel mode divides the array into a number of pixel sections. Other applications for the arrays include mark and code reading, bar code reading, and optical character recognition. Pricing is $35.39 each for TSL2014 and $27.48 for TSL210, both in 1,000-piece quantities. TEXAS ADVANCED OPTOELECTRONIC SOLUTIONS INC., Plano, TX. (972) 673-0759.


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